Tender Wines

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water” -Galileo Galilei 


As romantic as it sounds we also appreciate the individuality and complexity of wine. We love how it evolves continually with taste and textures varying through time, making each bottle seem alive. 

This love motivated us to hand-pick all our wines and many are imported directly from vineyards, therefore exclusive to Tender. Other than the majority French wines we also have wines from Spain and Australia etc to cater for a larger range of taste.

Want a recommendation? looking for a specific wine? Contact us!

Tender Fine Foods

How best to savour wine than to indulge yourself with some quality fine food that goes so well with it?

From light snacks like caviar and smoked salmon to a more fulfilling Angus steak or Kurobuta Pork, Tender provides what you need to enjoy a DIY wine dinner at home.

Tender Wine Accessories

Bought some great wines but lack the right equipment to store and serve it?

Tender has the must-have wine accessories to ensure the quality of wine is as good as it should be. Different sizes of wine coolers, numerous types of wine glasses and various shaped decanters etc etc.

Tender Coffee & Tea

Need something to round up a nice wine dinner? Or just simply want a delicious gut warming drink?


We appreciate that coffee and tea, as with wine, offers various palate and scent depending on its blend. We took blending into our own hands thus offering a special taste and appealing aroma.

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